What We Do

ASAH girls in Sudan

Protect. Educate. Empower.

ASAH's primary mission is to Protect, Educate, and Empower orphans from the Republic of South Sudan through primary school, secondary school, and beyond. ASAH Protects our students from forced marriage at puberty which may save their lives and the lives of their children. ASAH Educates our students in school subjects and practical life skills to prepare them to take care of themselves and their families in the future. ASAH Empowers our students to be leaders and to give back to their communities that they may help their troubled nation establish and maintain peace for all.

ASAH's Uganda Program

After the civil war in South Sudan forced evacuation of the ASAH Boarding School for Orphaned Girls in Duk Payuel, Jonglei State in February 2014, ASAH relocated to northern Uganda. Spread out among six villages in Duk County, our students were home with their extended families when attacks by rebels forced them to flee. They walked for several days without food or clean water and witnessed the traumas of war. The ASAH staff located twenty-nine of our thirty-four students and rented a facility in Moyo, Uganda. They transported the ASAH girls across the southern border of South Sudan to their new home. Since then, we have found 

ASAH is not an orphanage. Even now, in Uganda, we transport the ASAH girls to visit their extended families during term breaks, so they might retain ties with their communities. Most of our students have families in local refugee camps.

IMAGINE what it means to feel safe and protected. IMAGINE what it would be like to have hope for a better future. IMAGINE the impact these educated women will have in their villages, their state, and their country, returning as teachers, doctors, nurses, politicians, pastors, computer technicians, social workers, midwives, cooks, businesswomen, journalists, and tailors. They will change the lives of those they touch, and together, they will change their world.

Kids in Kenya

In 2008, when the ASAH school was still a dream, we began our work by sponsoring South Sudanese orphans from Kakuma Refugee camp in Kenya, where refugees fled during the war with Sudan years earlier. Three of those boys graduated secondary school and went on to University. Currently, there are four boys and two girls in the program. ASAH covers 100% of their cost of living: school uniforms and fees, medical care, books, clothing, transportation, and a place to live during term breaks. 


Your sponsorship of an ASAH student is an investment in the future in of the world’s newest nation. Sponsorships are available for both these programs.