What We Do

ASAH girls in Sudan

Protect. Educate. Empower.

Imagine the impact 50 educated women will have in their villages, their state, and their country, returning as doctors, nurses, politicians, pastors, computer technicians, social workers, midwives, businesswomen, journalists, teachers and tailors. They will change the lives of those they touch, and together, they will change their world.

Our mission is to protect, educate, and empower fifty orphaned girls through primary school, secondary school, and beyond. ASAH protects our students from forced marriage at puberty which may save their lives. In South Sudan, a baby girl born today is more likely to die in childbirth than to graduate from primary school. ASAH educates our girls in school subjects and practical life skills like gardening and sewing, and it empowers them to be leaders and to give back to their communities.

You can protect, educate, and empower (PDF, 1.30 MB).

Good News in the Face of Challenge

Though the current news regarding the conflict in Republic of South Sudan is grim, and the fighting resulted in mandatory evacuation of the village of Duk Payuel where the ASAH Boarding School for Girls is located, the good news is that the ASAH staff has located all 34 of the ASAH students and they are safe. Our mission to protect has taken on a new dimension with this threat to this new nation's stability and ability to take care of its people.

Our students were in their home villages when the evacuations began. They scattered with guardians, with groups of children, or on their own. Through word of mouth, we were able to determine their locations and develop a plan to relocate them to a safe place where they could continue their educations with ASAH’s oversight.

Our staff rented a large gated home in the Moyo District of Uganda. They began transporting our students to their new home and furnishing it as they arrived. Most of the students have already settled in and are attending local schools. The last ten will be there soon.

Kids in Kenya

When the ASAH school was still a dream, we learned that many orphans at Kakuma Refugee camp in Kenya, where refugees fled during the war, had no family to return to after the war ended. Currently ASAH sponsors eight Sudanese orphans (two girls and six boys) originally from Duk Payuel in boarding schools in Nakuru and Eldoret, Kenya. As there are no parents or extended family able to provide support, ASAH covers 100% of their cost of living: school uniforms and fees, medical care, books, clothing, transportation, and a place to live during term breaks. Our first student is now attending college. Three additional students have finished secondary school through our sponsorship program.


Your sponsorship of an ASAH student is an investment in the future in of the world's newest nation. Shared sponsorships are available for both these programs.